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AGC of Wisconsin has developed tools and initiatives designed to attract the attention of students; educate with construction relevance, experience and examples; and engage with industry partners.  Our approach to workforce development has multiple components that will  help you as an educator to explore career opportunities with students:


Nine high schools host a Construction Career Academy (CCA) or Architectural Construction Engineering (ACE) Academy that is funded and supported by the AGC of Wisconsin. Core curriculum courses are taught with relevant examples to the construction industry, industry partnerships allow students to learn real-world skills from established professionals, and students are given the tools to make knowledgeable choices about their career path. For more information visit the Career Academy Brochure


This job shadow program gives you, the AGC Member, the opportunity to assist in the workforce development effort by sharing your experience and knowledge with the future young professionals and skilled trades people in the construction industry.  For more information, please review the AGC of Wisconsin's Job Shadow Handbook.


Skilled Trades Events take a more hands-on approach to learning about the various skilled trades which are led by craftworkers. Smaller groups of 20-30 high school juniors or seniors are the ideal audience for the Skilled Trades Events.  Many of these events have even lead to summer jobs and potential apprenticeships.

The AGC of Wisconsin works closely with Wisconsin's Workforce Development Department to promote and coordinate Youth Apprenticeship with its member contractors. Click the link for more information on Youth Apprenticeship in Architecture & Construction.

To learn more about any these resources, email or call the AGC of Wisconsin at (608) 221-3821.


Construction has the highest overall projected growth of any industry in Wisconsin through 2022


You can receive degrees, diplomas or certification in all aspects of the construction industry, the right program is waiting for you.



Get paid while learning a skill!

Choose a trade, join an apprenticeship, establish your career


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